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1. Appoint an Agent

The first step in selling your property is listing your property for sale with a Real Estate Agent. Once you have chosen an Agent, you will then need to contact us to instruct us to prepare the Contract, as the Agent is required by law to have this before they advertise the property for sale. Just a few quick details over the phone is all that is required and we can get the Contract under way for you.

2. Offer and Acceptance

Once an offer has been made on your property and you have accepted the offer, the Real Estate Agent will send us the details of the sale. We will then prepare the Contract and send it to the buyer’s Conveyancer. We will then contact you to make an appointment for us to meet for you to review and sign the Contract.

3. Exchange

Once the Purchaser has conducted any pre-purchase inspections and their loan arrangements have been finalised, they will then contact us to exchange the Contracts. Once exchanged, you will be bound by the terms of the Contract. It is at this stage that we can confirm the settlement date with you.

4. Post-exchange

Following exchange, we will then liase with your Lender to make arrangements to discharge your mortgage over the property. We will be in constant contact with you regarding your settlement.

5. Preparation for settlement

The settlement date isn’t far off now so you will need to make arrangements to start vacating from the property.

6. Settlement

This is the day that you will need to hand the keys into your Real Estate Agent and the day you will receive the balance of the purchase price from the Buyer.


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